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Immunization is the protection against Infectious Diseases or from their Toxins there off.

Three Thousand children die every day due to infectious diseases out of which may are preventable by Immunization and five out of one thousand get crippled, ten out of one thousand die of Neonatal Tetanus, Twenty out of one thousand die of Whooping Cough and three out of one thousand die with Measles under five years of age yearly.  Efficiency of the vaccines seen has been 95 %.

Full course of the vaccine must be given at the right age and the vaccine must be potent.  Cold Chain is to be maintained from the manufacturer to the point of use as the vaccines are sensitive to heat.  The exposure to the heat reduces their life and efficiency.  All vaccines remain potent between 2 – 8 degrees plus.

Save your children from six killer diseases by timely vaccinations like Tuberculosis, Tetanus, Whooping cough, Diphtheria, Poliomyelitis and Measles.

Preventable vaccination against killer diseases is given at birth and completed within first year of birth.

Apart from prevention of diseases and deaths we are preventing the Crippled by OPV doses, which is a stigma and a burden on parents and nation.


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Immunization is the protection against Infectious Diseases or from their Toxins there off.

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