College Introduction

The name of our institute is titled as Phoenix Paramedical College .Phoenix is a mythological Arabian bird which is immortal. This word is linked with prosperity, power and high moral values. This is the reason behind Naming  our college "Phoenix '  The renowned  college of  nursing & paramedical sciences .

Mr Rather Gulzar Ahmad is the Author and Founder of the college being the sole proprietor of the college has established the college in the year 2008 .The college has a beautiful campus and a sprawling building with all the necessary amenities and imputes. Its scenic splendor is indeed  unrivalled. We have a vary vibrant academic environment and an exemplary work culture. The other features of the college are as :

  • ยท          Located on District Hospital Road New Colony Pulwama , Kashmir.
  •            The college has Wide spread campus with full strength.
  •           Highly qualified and Experienced faculty from health care industry or academia.
  •           Well stocked library with well Furnished and ventilated reading room,
  •       Well equipped medical laboratories like Nursing foundation lab ,midwifery lab ,medical lab technology ,Anatomy & physiology ,Surgical Lab ,Nutrition Lab ,Community Lab ,Dental Lab etc.
  •            Audio Visual & museum on the pattern modern technology
  •            Physiotherapy Rehabilitation center
  •           Dental Department Fully equipped.
  •           Well developed computer lab having wi-fi system 24x7 hours
  •           Well furnished and separate hostels for boys and girls with homely environment.
  •            In house O.P.D Pathology lab & Polyclinic.
  •           Multi speciality Gymnasium/Fitness Clinic
  •          Cross disciplinary interactive and trans formative teaching
  •          Consistent results and an over growing list of medical faculty/university results,
  •           Regular development workshops , medical campus , seminars , debates & conferences.
  •           Certification courses in spoken English & regular personality development programs.
  •            Study โ€“ loan facility from nationalised banks
  •            Financial Assistance to the Eligible Students Through various Govt. Organisations
  •          Medical & community tours for practical exposure
  •             Well equipped conference/seminar hall
  •             Canteen facility
  •           .Proactive participation in inter โ€“ institute sports, debate, music & drama competition.
  •            Participation in national & international level career seminars
  •            Special lectures from various experts of different branches on our guest Lecture Schedule.










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