Hospital Training

For the practical training of the candidates of various diploma and degree courses, the college is attached with several well known Govt. Hospitals/Nursing Homes/Diagnostic Centers, like the District 100-bed Hospital Pulwama , SMHS HOSPITAL Srg, ,etc .  Besides it the college will organize “Free Rural Mobile Health Services” in the Villages/Schools/Higher Secondaries on every Saturday/Sunday or as per the time format framed out by the authorities.

Surgical Laboratory

 Theoretical knowledge without practicals is useless for the students undergoing training course in operation theater techniques, a well equipped laboratory is compulsory. In our institution, we have established a laboratory that meets all necessary requirements for the students, to learn and understand the basic ethics and techniques in an operation theatre. Keeping in view the need for the practicals, we have tried our best to provide the necessary instrumentation in our surgical laboratory which presents a demo of operation theater.The salient features, throwing light on the instrumentation and facilities of our surgical lab are:-¨      OT table With all

Nutrition Laboratory

Nutrition is derived from word “Nutrients” meaning “breast feeding”It is science of food and its relationship to health.Hence the subject nutrition is designed to assist the students to acquire knowledge for maintenance of      optimum health at different stages of life and its application for practice of nursing. To understand this relationship we need to have well maintained nutrition lab.              Our Nutrition lab is well established with all facilities including gas stoves, refrigerators and microwave, variety of articles and vessels for the development of skills in preparation of different food items are present.To

Nursing Laboratory

The Nursing Foundation Lab is aimed at helping the students to acquire knowledge understanding and skills in techniques of nursing and practice them in supervised settings. It has good infrastructure facilities: - Bed strength-10, various types of manikins. Infusion training arm and different types of articles and equipment for the demonstration of nursing procedures based on the requirement of the Indian Nursing Council.Laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipments used by Doctor and Nurses working in a laboratory. These include tools such as DNC set, Catheters etc as well as specialty equipment such as Autoclave, Trained Dolls, LCD

Anatomy Laboratory

The Anatomy Lab of our college is well equipped and is provided with all the facilities required for the students to have strong command over the subject. Without well equipped Anatomy Lab, the subject cannot be understood fully. Keeping in view the basic needs of the students we have maintained our Anatomy lab well so as to meet the basic to high requirement to every student of the Anatomy & Physiology. The salient features, throwing light on the instrumentation and facilities of our surgical lab are:-• Complete human skeleton• Bones of upper limbs (Complete)• Bones of Lower limbs(complete)• Male and Female Pelvis• Complete Rib Cage• Human Skull• Vertebral

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