All the students of GNM-2ND Year are hereby informed to submit the examination forms by or before 31/01/2019, the examination shall commence w.e.f 18/02/2019.

Wednesday, 23 Jan, 2019


 The examination of GNM -2nd year shall be conducted w.e.f 18/02/2019 as per the date sheet circulated out . As such all the students of this college who are going to appear in the said examination (Home Examination for GNM-2nd year,batch 2017 ) are  hereby informed to submit the examination forms by or before 31/01/2019 along with the examination fee of Rs 1100/  . No form shall be accepted after the last date of submission of examination forms. The examination forms can be obtained from our examination & evaluation section on any working day by or before 31/01/2019.


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